Co to jest

Archery Games (arrow battle or archers’ battles) are, in short way, shooting each other from the bow with special shots with a foam arrowhead. This is an excellent alternative to attractions such as paintball and the Laser Tag. Game requires tactical thinking from the participants, a creative approach to the difficulties encountered, as well as a lot of movement. Fun is first and foremost safe. It does not leave any bruises after being hit by an arrow, thanks to which it is an excellent activity for women, men and children.

Archery Games is a great solution for people who want to feel a high dose of adrenaline, great fun and a good deal by the way. An idea for a bachelor party, a hen party, a birthday party, a PE lesson, an attraction for all kinds of events and camps, and a long to exchange.

  1. The game does not require experience in archery.
  2. 2. Thanks to special foam tips it is completely safe.
  3. 3. It can be played by anyone over 8.
  4. 4. We run almost anywhere: in the office, in the woods, in the sports hall, in the snow, on the sand or even in the water.
  5. We arrive all over Poland.
  6. Huge possibilities of choosing forms of games and games to the assumptions of the event.
  7. We run games for groups of 4 people and impressive archers for 36 participants at the same time.
  8. Perfect integration and Teambuilding.