Archery battles is very good for kids and youth. Is perfect instead physical education lesson or for any
kids camps.
In 21 th century full of computers and smartphones thats alternative because game have climat like in a videogame but participants need to move.

Kids love’s that game 🙂

Classes are taught by people with pedagogical education. For several years, we have been regularly organize classes for younger people and they work well.

We want to encourage children and youth to participate in physical culture. Introducing fascination with an active form of spending free time is our priority. At the WFu z Archery Games lesson, participants will learn to shoot with a bow, develop coordination and fitness. It’s great to see how teams communicate with each other and share tasks.


  • all body workout
  • teach cooperation and creative thinking
  • a lot of fun and laugh
  • kids are out of computers
  • on the market is not to many entartainment opportunities for groups 13-16 years old