What are the rules of this game?

It all depends on the scenario but they are very simple. Main rules are that only shooted arrow counts, bow and rebound hit doesn’t count. We have in our base about 30 different scenarios. From simple one like kill the enemies or hit them as many as You can, to capture the flag or transport the treasure.

Doest it need to have any experience in Archery?

Not at all! On the beginning of every games our instructors will provide You in all of basic skills of archery. Don’t worry here the most important skills are tactic and clevernes.

How many arrows I get on the beginning?

It depends! Every scenario has his own regulations about arrows. Don’t worry ammo is unlimited, You just have to fight with any arrow You will find on the battle field.

Who can play?

We provide games for everyone over 9 yers old.

What should I take with me? How should I be dressed?

We have all the equipment You need to play. Please take something comfortable and something to change because You can be really sweat after games! Also we definatelly recommend to take some water to drink.

Can I take my own equipment?

Unfortunatelly for safety reasons we have to play on our equipment.

Is it safe?

Of course! Arrows have 3 layers of special foam for protection. Also we use mask, gogles and forearm protection to not make any injury.