1. Only Archery Taga equipment can be used for the game.
2. The use of equipment other than that provided by the organizer is prohibited.
3. Each person undertakes to play in the spirit of fair play and generally accepted standards of propriety and honesty given by the judge, animator or organizer at the beginning of the class.
4. People under the influence of alcohol or intoxicants will be immediately removed from the playing field, and the costs of their play will not be returned to them.
5. Players are required to follow the instructions of the referee or the organizer.
6. The rules of each scenario are set by the organizer or judge of Archery Games and only these people have the right to change them.
7. Only persons participating in the game, referees and persons eliminated from the game leaving the field can stay in the game field.
8. The limits of the playing field are determined by the referee or organizer.
9. It is forbidden to shoot the referee during the game and during breaks.
10. Shooting outside the designated area for this purpose results in immediate removal of the player without refund of costs incurred by him.
11. The game may be attended by adults and persons under the age of 18 with the written consent of parents / legal guardians.
12. Attacking persons, animals and non-target items is prohibited.
13. Hand-to-hand combat, kicking, pushing is forbidden.
14. The player is eliminated from the game if: he is hit by an opponent’s arrow; the arrow shot by him will be caught in flight by the opponent; own declaration of exclusion from the game, which once said can not be canceled; the decision of the judge or animator.
15. The player eliminated from the game raises his hand and shouts “I got hit” or “I’m hit”.
16. The user, participant of the course is responsible for any damage to the equipment provided by the organizer during classes.
17. People who do not take part in the game, their behavior should not affect its course.
18. All participants agree to use their image in the pictures in the gallery www.archerygames.pl and for marketing purposes of the Company and declare that they will not make any claims against Spogle, its owners, employees, family members, relatives and their related relatives.
19. Promotions, discounts do not combine. The only exception is the loyalty program with its own regulations.
20. During the game, participants are required to wear a mask on their heads. People playing without a mask do so at their own risk and responsibility. Owners and employees of Archery Games (belonging to Spogle), members of their families and close and related persons are not responsible for arising from the above. acts of injury, damage to health, permanent handicap or death.
21. Vandalism acts that expose the designated area to the game will be charged to the detrimental person according to the valuation of the losses suffered by the relevant authority.
22. All persons participating in the play on the premises designated by Spogle employees or owners voluntarily declare that they have read these Regulations.