Archery games is arcade game which is very universal so because of that thats perfect solution for hotels, event agencys or companies which organise any kind of camps.

The most important characteristic of the equipment is the arrow. They have a special, flat foam tip and are equipped with a high class epoxy resin glass shaft, which is very flexible. The equipment has the required certificates.

The most important is except selling equipment we giving you full know how wchich contain:

  • full description of equipment
  • a lot of explained games
  • guide how to entartain people in archery games
  • instruction how to fix archery and how to carry on equipment

Except know how you getting our full support.

you can get any set but we recommend set of :

  • 12 Bows 22/26 LBS
  • 40 arrows with flat end
  • Archery Tag bag for equipment
  • 12 forearm protectors
  • 12 helmets
  • 2 shields Archery Tag
  • 30 arrows caps
  • 30 extra arrow ends
  • 2 extra strings


  • Profitable idea for a buisnes
  • cheap exploitation
  • possibility to fix broken parts
  • Know How

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