Perfect fun where participants will feel like members of special forces in a secret mision. Good portion of fun we can learn cooperation and comunication inside team.
Every player get a weapon head band with detectors and essential knowledge know-how.

Laser Tag is a solid dose of good fun. As a team sport, he teaches cooperation and communication. It is perfect for bachelor parties as well as company go outs and events. Children also get into the role of commandos and quickly forget about computer games!!!

We can realize games for up to 20 people at the same time. The unique advantage of the Laser Tag is the ability to play during the day and at night.

Operation of the equipment is based on an infrared beam, captured by sensors placed on the player’s inventory. Two teams compete with each other in the game.

In contrast to the classic paintball there is no limit of ammunition, and fun is painless and everyone can participate in it!

Simple fun for everyone. Replicas of real weapons, sounds of shots and hits will allow you to better get into the atmosphere.

Equipment tested on James Bond 😉


  • very good teambuilding spiced of adrenaline
  • contactless and completely safe
  • unforgetable experience
  • we can play anywhere and anytime
  • team and personal statistic