Archery Games is a brilliant alternative to paintball, where teams can face various adrenaline-driven tasks, dynamic and “combining” over the right strategy of the game.

the struggles are for the most part in teams. They require communication, division of tasks and dynamic decision making. However, for us the biggest plus of our games is the laughter and fun of the participants of the game. This is a completely unusual form of entertainment, which for the last few years we have been pampered with, creating new scenarios and variants of games for various occasions (and the specificity of the group).

After the team competitions, static archery positions are also possible. This variant is great for small spaces also inside.

This fresh fun is a great solution not only for groups of 10-40 people but it also works great on larger picnics with a wide audience. Why? Everyone over 8 years old can play, there is also a lot of traffic here so changes can happen very quickly and please believe us, it is an unforgettable spectacle for viewers who watch their friends’ battles.

We are very flexible and we are constantly creating new variants of games:

The latest inventions are role-playing games with a dedicated scenario and water bike games.


  • It teaches cooperation and strategy planning.
  • Emerges leaders in the team.
  • High capacity of attractions.
  • A painless and healthy dose of adrenaline for both women and men.
  • A wide selection of forms of games and activities.
  • Games that can be played almost anywhere: in a conference room, in a forest, on the beach or even in water or on bike water games.
  • Possible games for up to 36 people at the same time!

The price differs depending on the number of participants, duration, location (we reach all of Poland), and the event specification. We are flexible so we will certainly come to an agreement.