Archery Games

Archery Games is a new concept of original entertainment that will be remembered for a long time. The expanded version of Archery Tag or “Archery Paintball” is a team integration in the form of a battle with bows, which gives a huge dose of fun and adrenaline for everyone. Experience an unforgettable adventure on your own skin and take part in archers’ battles.

Why archery games has been established?

This concept was created at the beginning of 2016 and it is one of several projects of the Association supporting innovation in physical culture, education and sport, “SPOGLE”.

Archery Games is an alternative to extreme sports. We implement an original and unusual form of ideas for bachelor parties, hen parties, birthdays, school trips, company outings, and events of the kind. The game gives a healthy dose of adrenaline, you can feel a great thrill during play, and all this is painless (for those who want to feel that they are alive, there is the possibility of curling the atmosphere, and thus the sensation of pain after impact).

In the age of computers and the growing popularity of e-sport, we want to distract children from computers and create the most interesting forms of spending free time. That is why the Spogle company was established, and now also an association supporting innovations in physical culture, education and sport, “SPOGLE”. Innovative sports, such as battles or simply mobile forms of entertainment, are great for people of all ages. Through their innovativeness, they are intriguing and memorable for participants and viewers. As entertainment, they also require cooperation in a group which creates a perfect ground for integration and development of creative thinking.

A short more about missions and values of the company

Our main mission is to promote innovative sports in Poland and in the world. Our team is the most creative people you will meet. Thanks to our extensive experience in the event industry, we have in our know how scenarios that no one has. We run games with a smile and above all professionally. We simply LIKE IT!

It is not the end. We are a little angry that almost all such sports news are created in the United States or Western European countries. We do not like to feel that we are just imitating others. That’s why we add to each sport as much as we come up with. Nay. We start to create our own forms of entertainment and a variety of sports. We dream of Poland becoming very popular in the world as a country that not only quickly captures the latest trends in the industry of innovative forms of physical activity but also creates them. Do you want to organized on your event an attraction that no one else in Europe or even in the world? CONTACT US.

Of course, we are professionals who know each other in their industry. Yes, we have an innovative product at a low price, it is known. Actually, we are the only company with such an offer in Poland as not in Europe. For us, however, the most important is the positive family atmosphere, the best contact with you and all the time building something new and creative. Because how many times you can play the same and the same.